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The Virtual Environments Laboratory

The Virtual Environments Laboratory started its research activity on the advanced human interface technology in 1992 at Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology, the former organization of Tokyo Metropolitan University that was established 2005 by the merger of four organizations for education under Tokyo Metropolitan Government. The VE lab has performed researches in the field of human interface for more than fifteen years specifically on the haptic virtual reality and advanced information interfaces.
The lab is located at Building-2, Room 705 in Hino Campus that is dedicated to the Faculty of System Design.



Virtual and Ultra Reality

1. Ultra Reality: FiveStar (Multi Sensory Theatre)

2. High density haptic texture display: TextureDisplay2R

3. Texture presentation in 3D space: Creation of haptic virtual reality

4. Haptic grass landscape

5. Shear force haptic display

6. Simulation of a manipulated rigid body

7. Tactile presentation by Optacon II

8. Haptic Interface Platform (HIP)


Learning Environments (SROM)
and Human Computer Interaction

1. Ditital Textbook with Advanced Mnemonic System

2. Spatial Electronic Mnemonics: SROM

3. Wearable memorization aid system: iFlashBack

4. Efficient voice menu presentation interface: vCocktail

5. Fast eyes/hands-free interface for wearable computer: vCocktail+

6. Cellphone ubiquitous information system: K-eXplorer





- Faculty

Yasushi Ikei, Professor, Dr.Eng.

- Student member 2014

Graduate students
(Master course in Department of Human Mechatronics Systems)

Yujiro Okuya
Takashi Nishikawa
Seiya Shimabukuro

Shunki Kato
Kohei Komase
Kanji Sato
Kaiki Katori
Ken Itoh

Undergraduate students
(Division of Human Mechatronics System, Faculty of System Design)

Takumi Nakamaru
Ryosuke Tomizawa
Kiyotaka Yamada
Shuji Nagai
Tatsumasa Oosaki


Banri Oda
Takuto Sato
Ryo Tanaka
Yoshinori Masuda




Room 1-240 (Office)
Room 5-102 (Lab)
6-6, Asahigaoka, Hino-shi, Tokyo 191-0065
Hino Campus
Faculty of System Design
Tokyo Metropolitan University, Graduate school of System Design
Phone: +81-42-585-8600 ext. 6512 (Lab)
Fax: +81-42-583-5119 (General Affairs office of the department)

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